Why Record here?

Choosing a studio or Engineer / Producer to work with can be a scary thing to do. Too many choices, variables and budgets.

Here at Odd Zounds Studios we have not only a “well tailored sound” but have put together a list of contacts and key players to support your musical project.

In short,

All solar powered studio. The energy that we use here at Odd Zounds Studio comes from the sun and it’s collected with Solar Panels on the roof. I’m committed to help keep this world Green!

We present the work we do to industry professionals. They funnel those tracks to other industry people in movie and tv advertisement companies, creating more opportunities for you and your musical career.

We set you up with radio. College radio stations within the country will play your song once it’s out such as: KXLU, KPPX, etc etc

We connect you with venue bookers. Sometimes finding the right venue for your band is key. We have a roster of bookers that work with us and help us funnel the right venue and night for the artist.


Making Life Sound Good