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Star Wars Detours

Star Wars Detours is an American computer-animated television series produced by Lucasfilm Animation in collaboration with Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. Although roughly two seasons of the show exist, they have never been released to the public. Since The Walt Disney Company’s acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012, the show has been on hiatus, to allow Lucasfilm Animation to focus on otherness projects.


Filmmaker Jeri Rice talks about the challenges in making “Embargo,” her milestone documentary that began with her chance meeting with Cuban Premier Fidel Castro in 2002. Speaking with people that were integral to the events that lead to and perpetuated the embargo against Cuba, Jeri reveals the intriguing story behind the troubled history of America’s relationship with Cuba — and her reasons for making this important film.

Today, relations are being normalized, but the embargo is NOT over.


Motor Away

“Motor Away” (2011)
Samuel and Paisley live on wheels so they never have to stay anywhere they don’t like, but no matter where they end up they can’t escape themselves.

Starring: Gretchen Corbett & Charlie McQuarry
Written and Directed by: Shawn Sullivan


Mule Days

Filmed and edited over the course of four years, MULE DAYS documents an obscure mule rodeo held annually in Bishop, California. The documentary focuses on three Mule People at pivotal points in their lives. Mike Toberer, a packer facing potentially devastating economic times, tries to pass on his century-old way of life to his son. Tucker Slender, a retired cowboy, creates a new life for himself as his friends fade away. And Dale Woodard, a chicken-loving rodeo clown on the last show of his career, puts his life as an absent father in perspective. As much a series of character portraits as it is a vérité document of the town’s celebration, “Mule Days” encapsulates life in the fading American Southwest. 2013.



Oranges is a film that follows a young couple just starting out: Carrie, nearly due with their first child, and her husband, Danny, who just got a promotion at his job. Life is going as planned until one horrible car accident changes their lives forever. As Danny is in a coma, his father gives him a painted box. This box unfolds a part of Danny’s past and reveals something he is forced to face.

Brant Daugherty, Corrina Crade

Making Life Sound Good